After months of ‘will-they-won’t-they’ between McLaren and Daimler Chrysler’s Mercedes-Benz, it appears that a merger is finally close to taking place.

F1 Racing magazine is claiming to have sources that are “absolutely certain that a sale is taking place.” The move makes sense for Mercedes-Benz, currently the only team in F1 that does not hold complete ownership of its F1 foray. While Mercedes did acquire 40 percent of McLaren back in 1999, 60 percent of the company is still held in equal amounts by Ron Dennis and Mansour Ojjeh.

While there is no official word yet, Ron Dennis (CEO of McLaren) stated that, “If an opportunity presents itself and can make McLaren better, it is supported by its management and I embrace it.”

Dennis also said that McLaren and Mercedes “have some really exciting programs outside our Formula One team,” a statement that could be referring to a new road car collaboration between McLaren and Mercedes, similar to the Mercedes SLR McLaren.

Dennis’ less than subtle hints towards a road car have already got us salivating. After all, if you find AMG to be a bit unimaginative with their ‘chuck-a-V-12-in-it’ philosophy, a new McMerc may be just the right thing for both companies.


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