While to many, Ferrari’s Formula One cars have always looked beautiful, there’s no hiding the fact that the cars are shaped under the philosophy of form following function, usually with some strict guidelines in place and only after countless hours in the wind tunnel. But what if the cars were designed with the aesthetic in mind?

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Perhaps the Formula One concept featured here would be the result. It was penned by Centro Stile Ferrari, the Italian marque’s design department responsible for road cars. To come up with the Formula One concept, the design team, led by Ferrari design chief Flavio Manzoni, worked closely with the engineers at Scuderia Ferrari, and the result is quite stunning.

Their brief was to come up with an F1 race car that was not only technologically advanced, but also captivating to the eye and aggressive. It was also important that the final design still met all the current F1 regulations.

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We’ve included photos of Ferrari’s 2015 F1 car, the SF15-T, so you can judge for yourself which one looks better. Ferrari is keen to hear your comments, which you can leave at the website f1concept.ferrari.com.


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