Mercedes-Benz is currently developing a new version of the C-Class Sportcoupe, a car that’s rumored to make its world debut at September’s Frankfurt Auto Show. Several prototypes were spotted undergoing cold weather testing in Sweden recently, which revealed that the new model will share the same basic shape as the outgoing version.

These latest renderings give a good indication as to what the car's final styling will look like. Designers have followed the theme set by the new C-class sedan, with the upcoming Sportcoupe picking up a high-waistline, wedged profile, and a chiseled front end with angular headlights. Also, expect to see a tall tailgate with a short, squared off rear.

Like the current model, the new Sportcoupe range will feature several different four-cylinder variants but may include new V6 petrol and diesel versions as well. The range-topper will be powered by Mercedes’ 272hp 3.5L V6, but we wouldn’t be surprised if a brand new AMG version is released.

Late last year, reports surfaced that Mercedes would use its underutilized Juiz de Fora plant in Brazil to build the new Sportcoupe, and there was even talk that it could be based on the previous generation C-class platform. We’ll have to wait until September’s Frankfurt show to see how it all pans out.