Rolls-Royce may turn to Italian coachbuilders such as Bertone or Zagato to construct ultra-luxurious versions of its Phantom saloon for individual customers who desire extra levels of personalization. Under the proposal, once a rolling chassis is produced at the Goodwood facility in the UK the unfinished car could then be transported to the design houses where they'd be modified to the customer’s exact specifications, reports CAR Magazine.

Senior management is considering developing a small batch of cars with unique bodystyles with the complete design and final assembly outsourced to coachbuilders like Bertone and Zagato. The plant at Goodwood, meanwhile, is ramping up for the development of a new entry-level sedan codenamed RR04.

In the long term, the Goodwood site will be used to construct up to six different model variations based on three basic bodystyles derived from two separate platforms. Despite increases in demand across the globe, managers will try to retain final output to a maximum of 2,500 vehicles per year to maintain the brand’s high levels of exclusivity.


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