Southern California-based Fisker Coachbuild has released a new image of its updated Latigo CS coupe, set to go on sale by the end of the year. The original Latigo was only produced in a limited run of 150 cars, with the first customer car delivered as recently as June.

That hasn’t stopped Fisker Coachbuild CEO and founder Henrik Fisker from drawing up a design for an updated model, no doubt coinciding with the launch of the refreshed BMW 6-Series on which the Latigo is based. Once again, the range kicks off with a V-8 model based on the BMW 650i and tops out with the flagship Latigo CS V10 Convertible based on M6 running gear.

Additions to the new models are entirely hand-built and include new internals made from aluminum, stainless steel, carbon fiber and magnesium alloy. The hood features a new power dome, and both the front and tail areas have been modified with new lights and bumpers.