Engineers at 9ff have the Bugatti Veyron clearly in their sights with the new Porsche GT9 set to take on the world’s fastest with a top speed target in excess of 400km/h. Production of the GT9 will be limited to just 20 copies at €476,000 a piece, but one car has already been reserved for a buyer in the Middle-East who plans to purchase the car only if it can break the 400km/h mark.

Back in March, EVO Magazine published details about the car’s unique mechanical package. Ditching the 911's rear-engine layout, 9ff engineers created a custom mid-mounted engine design utilizing the tuner’s 900+hp 4.2L flat-six engine. The car’s body is loosely based on the 911 GT3 but has been stretched by 300mm and has had the roof lowered by 120mm to maximize downforce at high speeds.

Production is being handled by a team in Dortmund, Germany, and when complete the car will be entered into Auto Motor und Sport’s annual top-speed competition at the banked Nardo circuit in Italy.

Via: The German Car Blog