UPDATE: The man that so brazenly tried to steal a Targa 4 from a dealership has tried to steal it again, this time from the local police station. After he abandoned the car it was towed away by the police but the man returned with a canister of petrol this time to prevent a repeat of his earlier mistake. He ditched the car a second time after discovering roadblocks had been set up to catch him. We're not usually ones to side with car thieves, but this fellow is certainly persistent.

A man dressed in a suit and armed with a cheque book managed to steal a Porsche 911 Targa 4 from a Malaysian dealer but ran out of fuel only two kilometers away from the lot. Acting as though he was going to buy the car, the man asked for the keys, started up the engine and drove it out through the dealership’s front windows.

The car was abandoned by the would be thief and police managed to retrieve it thirty minutes later but there was no sign of a man in a suit, reports The Star.

The salesgirl who handed him the keys said “he asked for the keys to start the engine and before I knew it, drove it through the glass pane and sped off.”


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