Artega has announced that the first customer deliveries of its new GT coupe will commence by the middle of next year, which is just over 12 months from when the car was first displayed in concept form back at March’s Geneva Motor Show. The car displayed in Geneva was merely an empty shell. There was no engine or drivetrain, or even a functioning interior but Artega was happy to reveal the car’s final specs.

The new GT will feature a VW sourced 3.6L V6 and DSG, and its final kerb weight will be a promising 1,100kg. The new GT isn’t just a special one-off either. Artega execs explained to AutomobilWoche that the niche label has substantial financial backing and former BMW, Rolls-Royce and Maserati manager Karl-Heinz Kalbfell on board.

Following the launch of the new GT, Artega will add a new roadster model and there are plans for even more distinct models in the near future. Artega will also be expanding into new markets including the US, Asia and Middle-East. The new GT, which is being produced in limited run of just 500 cars, is to be sold in Germany only.


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