Ferrari surprised many of us back in June when it pulled the covers off its new eco-friendly FXX Mille-Chili concept car. Here was a concept that was shaped like the Enzo supercar but constructed from plastic and cardboard, and represented the carmaker’s future strategy for improving its image in the eyes of environmentalists. Just as puzzling as the concept, officials at the concept’s unveiling talked of new biofuel capable models and even hybrid-electric technology making its way into future Ferraris.

Ferrari will be introducing a raft of new fuel-saving technologies in the future, including making its cars lighter, smaller and more aerodynamic. Energy efficiency will play a much larger role in the design of future Ferraris as this concept has shown.

Don’t sweat. We’re not about to see Ferrari ditch its V12 engines in favor of econo four-bangers. The first avenue that engineers will be focusing on is improving aerodynamics, with special attention paid to vehicle underbody characteristics and the reduction of drag. One key development is movable aerodynamic parts, aka, “active flow control.”

Other advances will be in area of weight reduction programs and a return to turbocharging. Also in the pipeline are plans to add direct injection technology to its engine range as well as a new regenerative braking system, similar to the set-up planned for the 2009 season of Formula One.

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