After a negotiation deadline passed this morning, UAW workers went on the first nationwide strike to occur during contract negotiations since 1976 - and the first strike against GM since 1970. Negotiations have been ongoing since September 14th, but the union and GM have been unable to reach an accord on they key issues of domestic auto production and health benefits.

Union members are striking reluctantly, having hoped a deal would be reached that would benefit both sides. But once the deadline passed without an agreement, streams of workers poured into the local Detroit UAW hall to gather picket signs and begin the strike.

An hour-by-hour ad-hoc contract had covered the time between September 14th and the deadline today, but GM's desire to cut labor costs and unload its retiree obligations could not meet a satisfactory middle with the UAW's needs for it's laborers.

A press conference is happening now, where the UAW is expected to officially announce the strike and give more details on the issues.