Europe's CO2 regulations are strict, and becoming more so, and car makers are taking action to meet the tough standards. For Toyota, that means cutting back on RAV-4 sales, and eliminating the Land Cruiser from Europe altogether.

The Japanese maker seeks to reduce its fleet average CO2 emission to 140g/km to meet voluntary EU rules. The RAV-4 mini-SUV/crossover is so popular it's skewing the CO2 emissions of the brand in Europe, so Toyota has decided to raise the price to ensure fewer sales, reports Auto Motor und Sport. The Land Cruiser, on the other hand, has never been a big hit with Europeans, and will simply be pulled from dealerships after the current model year.

Although the CO2 regulations are voluntary now, there is talk that they could become law in the near future, which explains why Toyota is taking action to meet them. Other car makers in the European market may have a tougher time manipulating their lineup to meet the rules, as many do not include small, low-emissions cars at all. Makers like Porsche have even threatened legal action if the proposed rules are enacted.