The all new GT-R is like no other car Nissan dealers across Europe and the U.S. have ever sold before so it’s little wonder scores of maintenance workers and sales staff around the globe are being specially trained in readiness for the car’s official launch. The highly-strung twin-turbo V6 engine outputs 473hp (353kW) and 588Nm (434lb-ft) of torque, performance numbers usually reserved for pricey sports cars that require servicing every couple of thousand miles as opposed to the usual ten thousand miles.

Couple this with one of the most high-tech AWD systems in the world and a company-first dual clutch gearbox and you have a car that only a highly trained ‘Super Mechanic’ could work on. That’s the official title Nissan is giving to specialized service personnel certified to work on the GT-R, reports Automotive News.

The Super Mechanic will tune the car’s engine to factory specs once a year for free for three years. Wheels will be aligned, and transmissions will be adjusted for free.

The new GT-R goes on sale in Japan early next month, while U.S. sales will be starting in June next year.