Audi is set to improve on the already impressive TT package by launching three new models over the coming years, two performance versions plus a diesel. The first of the new cars will be the TT-S, the ‘S’ performance variant of the TT, expected to be unveiled at Geneva’s Motor Show in March next year.

The TT-S will feature the S3’s turbocharged four-cylinder engine with final power levels around the 270hp (201kW) mark. Torque should be about 350Nm (258lb-ft). The car will be differentiated by a unique front bumper and quad exhaust pipes in the rear.

One year later will see the launch of a new diesel variant. Likely to be called the TT TDi, the new oil-burner has been spotted in prototype form undergoing cold weather testing this week. Sitting under the hood is a 2.0L common rail turbodiesel engine with an estimated 200hp (147kW) and 406Nm (300lb-ft) of torque.

The final version is the high-performance RS variant. According to info leaked from a reputable source at Audi, the new car will actually be powered by a 2.3L VR5 engine with a turbocharger. Final output will be 308hp (230kW), and the car won’t be called the TT-RS but simply TT-R. The engine will feature all the latest in Audi technology include new direct-injection as well as a fast-spooling turbo. This engine will also feature in multiple models in the Audi range apart from the TT.