Those of us that grew up with the Jetsons just knew we’d be piloting flying cars on the daily commute by the time we were 25 - but sadly reality has let us down. And that daily commute is getting so bad for many that we’d all be better off just walking. But people like Dr. Paul Moller and Gino d’Ignazio Gizio, the helicopter pilot behind the Cell Craft group, are working hard to fix both problems with a single solution - flying cars. The latest concept from Cell Craft brings both practical size and cutting-edge technology to the table in the form of the G440 Concept.

Seven seats make for real practicality - although finding six people who trust you enough to go for a ride might be a bit of a challenge at first. But those in the know will rest assured, the G440’s four turbines allowing VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing) capability, high-speed horizontal flight and easy handling. The controls are simplified, with just two levers - one on each armrest of the car-like driver/pilot’s seat - controlling thrust and steering. The left lever handles power while the right manages tilt and direction. The left lever also features a trigger-like control that allows the G440 to spin on its axis by computer-controlled thrust tube adjustments to the exhaust tubes of each of the four turbines.

The potential for traffic congestion is much lower in the sky, given that no roads need to be built to enable more traffic and there’s all that vertical space to work with. Now all we need is cheap and plentiful production, safe take-off and landing areas all over the place and a whole lot of flight training - oh, and a few million more air traffic controllers, and we’ll have the future the Jetsons promised us as kids.


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