The Forum’s unique ‘turntable’ seating streaked across the web last week, as did news of its built-in microwave oven and extensive entertainment systems. The Forum has been likened more to a mobile living room or lounge than a grocery-getter, and the comparison is apt. Today Nissan gives us a look at the actual Forum concept - no more sketches and conjecture, we have the real thing.

It turns out the sketches were pretty accurate, however. The Forum has some obvious concept-car features: the white steering wheel and cockpit would show wear and grime quite quickly - if you look closely at one of the interior shots you’ll see the steering wheel is covered, likely for this very reason; the glass birdcage that forms the top half of the Forum would never pass rollover tests; and the real wood accents are likewise impractical for mass production. But the Forum does bring some very practical and innovative features that could make it to production, and would fit right in with other vehicles as well.

Nissan’s Around View Monitor (AVM) system, which we’ve covered before (// is featured, and Nissan has taken the idea a step further with a ‘Kids Cam’ system that lets parents watch the rear cabin area with headliner-mounted cameras and a main intrument panel display. The driver can even select different cameras from a bank of switches above the rearview mirror. And when the kids get out of control, there’s a handy ‘Time Out’ feature that simultaneously mutes all audio playing through the Forum’s various entertainment systems and broadcasts the driver’s voice over the interior speakers - a move sure to get some attention.

The sleek, sloped and heavily styled front end draws back to an increasingly cubic rear end. Whether the look is appealing is probably more a matter of personal preference than anything, but it’s certainly a modern design. The unique side mirrors with integrated signal lamps are perhaps the slickest exterior design point, while the broad, smiling anime-like grille dominates the front of the car. The extensive greenhouse ensures plenty of light makes it into the cabin while moderate tinting keeps the interior from getting too much sun.

Intended as a technology showcase and design experiment, the Forum hints at what’s to come for the near future of family vehicles. The Forum will be on display at the Detroit Motor Show this January.