F1 drivers are usually given a carmaker’s top performance model when they sign up to race under them, probably because anything else would be painstakingly slow in comparison to an F1 racer, so imagine the surprise when Ferrari’s Felipe Massa was handed the keys to a humble Fiat 500 minicar. Today at Monte Carlo, Massa took delivery of a Fiat 500 powered by an exclusive 120hp 1.4L engine and personalised with unique graphic details, such as his signature embossed in the sill scuff plate.

Other special features include the car’s brown leather trim, pearl white paint, Skydome electric sunroof and 16in diamond alloy wheels dressed with red brake callipers.

The car has been modified by Fiat Powertrain Racing, the carmarker’s division responsible for the design, research, development and production of performance engines, but we suspect it still might not be enough for F1 driver. Don’t worry, because Massa still has the keys to his Ferrari 599 but we can still imagine him getting up to some high-speed antics behind the wheel of his personalized Cinquecento.