Production of the Audi A4 convertible by independent carmaker Karmann is scheduled to come to an end later this year and to mark the occasion Audi will launch a new limited edition ‘Advance’ series of the car. Karmann has built the A4 Convertible since 2002 and has seen close to 200,000 cars roll off the production line since then.

The Advance specification will cost an extra €2,950 over the sticker price for the regular model but for the extra cash customers get more standard features including metallic paint, pearl nappa leather, parking sensors, steering wheel mounted controls, an alarm system, xenon headlights, Bose stereo and an integrated satnav system, reports AutoTelegraaf.

The loss of the A4 contract is just another nail in the coffin for Karmann, which has recently been forced to lay-off hundreds of staff due to dwindling contracts with other carmakers and increased competition from newly emerging markets such as China and India.