Iconic is the only way to describe Chrysler's 300C. It stands out from a crowd, even if that crowd is populated by cars costing three times as much. And the SRT treatment has traditionally given the 300C the goods to back up its looks. But now Europe is getting an SRT 300C diesel - and although it keeps the mean look, it's no tarmac-tearing beast like the Hemi-powered petrol 300C SRT8.

Kitted in full regalia, the 300C SRT diesel is powered by a 3.0L V6 that kicks out 218hp and 376lb-ft of torque. More than enough grunt to get the big sedan around with authority, but hardly a blip on the radar to the petrol-powered 425hp, 420lb-ft torque 6.1L Hemi in the 300C SRT8. New looks accompany the new motor, including a new rear end lighting scheme and trunk lid spoiler. Inside, a new instrument panel and some interior mood lighting add a fresher, meaner feel.

Also standard in the new 300C SRT diesel is Chrysler's entertainment system featuring a 20GB hard drive and touch-screen sat nav hardware. No word yet on pricing or availability dates - or if Americans will get a shot at it, but expect it soon, and expect it priced near the top of the 300C range, thanks to the new tech, new looks and full options slate.

Undoubtedly a move to help Chrysler's product line meet the rising fuel economy and emissions standards in Europe, the 300C SRT diesel may well prove a success, if it can combine looks, luxury and liveability in a fairly green package. It's certainly an interesting proposition, and one we'd like to see offered in other markets.

Via: TopGear