The ever-vigilant spies at KGP Photography have put their lenses on what is thought to be a Lotus Eagle prototype. Other cars believed to be the Eagle have been spotted before, but the heavy-duty camouflage and odd angles of the newly-snapped car lend credence to the rumors in this case.

Expected to be a paddle-shifted mid-engine sports car, powered by a Toyota V6, the Eagle will also have 2+2 seating on what is essentially an expanded Elise frame. If the rumors are to be believed, the Eagle will enter production late this year. When it does arrive, it is expected to begin fleshing out the Lotus line - sitting above the Elise/Exige and below the upcoming next-generation Esprit.

Hopes of cross-country touring in a single Eagle with friends in tow are unfortunately dashed with news that the rear seats are suitable only for children up to 9 years old. Those looking for a stylish - and sporty - ride to the links, however, are in luck, as the extra space is perfect for small cargo, such as golf bags. According to earlier information, the new car will be on show at the British International Motor Show in July of this year, and will be arriving in customer driveways by early 2009. Full pictures at the link below.

Via: Jalopnik


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