British sports car manufacturer Keating is planning to launch two new supercars on the 23rd of next month and is already boasting that one of the cars will be able to rival the performance of the Bugatti Veyron. Both cars will be based around the same basic chassis but one will be a hyper-performance track model while the other will be a luxurious GT.

The high-performance model, dubbed the Keating TKR, will boast 'more than F1 car' power levels and will be hand built to special order. Officials claim a prototype has already beaten the Bugatti Veyron's top speed of 407km/h while in testing and the final production version is expected to do the same.

The second model is based on the TKR but sports a detuned engine with around 400hp. Labelled the SKR, it will also be hand built but will come with a number of luxury items you’d expect to find in a comfortable GT. Both models will complete a full demonstration including a high speed run upon their debut next month.