Mazda’s new Mazdaspeed (MPS) range offer performance levels comparable with much more expensive cars and has quickly become the bang for your buck standard in many segments. Now the range is set to expand with two new models in works – performance versions of the recently revealed Mazda6 sedan and award-winning Mazda2 hatch.

Last December images of a Japanese-spec Mazdaspeed concept based on the new Mazda6 were leaked, revealing a lower a sleeker looking body, aggressive ten-spoke 18in alloys and huge intake vents under the headlights. AutoExpress is now reporting that the concept is destined for production and will retain the aggressive look of the concept.

Power will come from a turbocharged version of the new 2.5L four-cylinder engine with final output lying around the 280hp mark. AWD will come as standard as well as a stiffened and lowered suspension kit and upgraded brakes.

A new concept version will be unveiled at the Paris Motor Show in October ahead of the production version’s launch slated for early 2010. This time ‘round, Mazdaspeed versions of the entire lineup include the sedan and hatch will be available as well as rumored coupe and cabrio models.

A year before the new hot ‘6 appears, Mazda is tipped to release a Mazdaspeed version of the new Mazda2 hatch. Few details are known about the car but expect to see a turbocharged four-cylinder with around 170hp on tap.

There’s no word if the new U.S-spec Mazda6, revealed last week, will also sport the high-performance variant.

Mazda6 Mazdaspeed MPS concept images leak

North American 2009 Mazda6

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