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Volvo has a well-established reputation of building the safest passenger vehicles in the industry but the carmaker believes it can improve on its own standards by reaching the ultimate goal of avoiding car accidents all together and reducing the road death toll to zero. Volvo has now set itself the ambitious target of zero injuries or deaths in its vehicles by 2020.

A spokesman for Volvo, who spoke with Reuters, revealed the carmaker’s desire to eliminate all-crash related injuries and death and eventually the elimination of car accidents altogether. To do so, Volvo plans to create a car that essentially "forms a giant bumper" around its occupants to protect them in the event of an accident.

However, the ideal solution would be to prevent the accident in the first place and thus Volvo is also working on a host of radar-based safety technologies as well.

It the technology proves successful and becomes standard in all cars we could one day see the world-wide annual death toll of 1.2 million people reduced significantly.