No stranger to tuning the MC12, Edo has already previously built custom versions of the Maserati supercar, including the MC12 Corse.

Packing 700hp-plus in every edition, the Edo MC12s are all at least 70hp ahead of the stock MC12 thanks to some tweaks borrowed from the Ferrari FXX. This latest MC12 by Edo adds a new rear spoiler and new sport clutch to the mix, making the car even easier to drive well.

A screaming performer from the factory, the Maserati MC12 is based on the same chassis as the Ferrari Enzo, though the MC12 is more luxurious, heavier and larger than the prancing horse version. The standard car's 206mph (330km/h) top speed falls 20km/h short of the smaller and lighter Enzo's, but the Edo-tuned version reverses that scenario, bumping the MC12 25mph (40km/h) to 231mph (370km/h) top speed. Acceleration is brutal, with 62mph (100km/h) taking just 3.5s from a standstill, 124mph (200km/h) comes in 9.5s and 186mph (300km/h) in 22.0s from a dead stop.

The 70hp jump over the stock MC12 comes thanks to new intake plumbing modeled on that of the Ferrari FXX and a revised exhaust system. In addition to adding performance fare like ceramic composite brakes and carbon fiber air scoops, the Edo MC12 shaves 220lb (100kg) from the originals mass, bringing it closer to its higher-performance cousin the Enzo.

A new sport clutch makes for easier engagement, and a new adjustable rear spoiler means the lucky owner can tune for downforce or top speed as the situation demands. A new transmission control makes for shift times as quick as the MC12 Corsa, the 755hp, 12-examples-made version of the car that was built as a homologation special for the FIA GT1 world championship.