Audi is now offering full-LED headlamps for its R8 super-sports car as a €3,590 option. While currently the R8 gets LED daytime running lights, which use 54 LEDs per headlamp, the new option will get you LEDs for the turn signals, low-beam, and high-beam headlights.

While the option may be expensive, Audi argues that the prominent advantages are lower energy consumption and a color that more closely resembles daylight, providing greater contrast and is easier on the human eye. LEDs have an incredibly long lifespan compared to regular bulbs, meaning you'll likely never have to drive around with a non-functioning headlamp as the LEDs are designed to operate for the entire life of the car.

Just a decade ago full-LED headlamps was the stuff of concept cars and fantasy, but nowadays will be used more and more thanks to the falling price of LEDs and the fact that they allow greater design freedom in creating innovative headlamp shapes.