Lamborghini’s stunning new LP560-4 supercar is set to go on sale in the U.S. by the middle of the year with prices starting at $201,000, not including shipping and the federal gas-guzzler tax. This is just under $20,000 more than the standard Gallardo model, which the new LP560-4 replaces, but somehow we feel Lamborghini will have no trouble at all selling every one of them.

The price hike is not without reason as the new 2009 LP560-4 features a number of significant upgrades over the Gallardo, both inside and out. The new model features a bigger and more powerful 5.2L V10 engine with 560hp (40 horses more than the Gallardo), and is capable of accelerating from 0-62mph in just 3.7 seconds and reach a top speed in excess of 200mph.

New features include direct-injection technology and an upgraded gearbox with quicker gearshifts.

In the UK, meanwhile, the new LP560-4 will first hit showrooms at the end of this month and will be priced at £147,330 ($290,000) on the road. You can read our initial impression of the car in our first drive by clicking here.

2009 Lamborghini LP560-4 first drive

2009 Lamborghini LP560-4 Geneva debut