The Camaro is one of GM's worst kept secrets at the moment, with details of its engine line-up, specifications and performance capabilities common knowledge around the internet. But until now, the convertible version has received less attention and fewer updates than its hardtop sibling. Thanks to Ed Peper's latest post on GM's Fastlane Blog, we get a tiny taste of the topless preproduction car ahead of its official reveal.

Shown with a minimum of information and the disclaimer that anything and everything may change before production, the car adheres very closely to the lines of both the concept and the coupe, although the rear portion of the soft top makes the C-pillar section even chunkier with the top up. With the top down, the car looks like it was designed from the ground up to shed its cover.

All the other little details and design cues are pure Camaro, shared with the coupe and pretty much well-known by those interested in the next-gen muscle car.

Production Camaro Convertible Preview

High-res Camaro Spy Shots

Camaro Convertible Concept