Volkswagen first hinted at a new high-performance version of the Scirocco coupe when it revealed the GT24 race concept back at the Austrian Wörthersee Tour tuning show in May, but in what form the car will finally come to production is still up in the air. The most likely scenario will see it come to market with a beefed up version of the current 2.0L TFSI engine. This engine is also used in the recently introduced Audi S3, where it develops a peak output of 265hp (195kW) and 258lb-ft (350Nm) of torque.

If the engine goes unchanged into the Scirocco, VW will have a car with very similar attributes to the outgoing Mark V Golf R32. This has led to speculation that the R32 may be replaced by a new high-performance Scirocco variant called the R20T.

According to CAR, the new R20T will go on sale in Europe in early 2010 and will closely match the styling of the GT24 race concept. Key features likely lifted from the concept include the aggressively styled bumper with larger intakes and unique fog lights, as well as the slightly wider fenders and lower ride height.

The key reason for dropping the torquey 3.2L V6 engine from the current R32 was emissions and fuel-economy concerns. There’s also the fact that VW’s new 2.0 forced-induction engines are offering similar, or better, performance to the larger naturally-aspirated units.

With 265hp (195kW) on tap, the Scirocco R20T should sprint from 0-60mph in around five seconds and will easily reach an electronically controlled 155mph top speed.

Late last month comments from VW America spokesman Steve Keyes revealed that a high-performance version of the Scirocco could be launched in the United States as a replacement for the R32, which is bowing out of the market next year. This could very well be the new R20T, which will finally offer American Scirocco fans a chance of owning the modern version.