The newly updated Gallardo LP560 has only been out for a few months, but already the tuners are having their way with it. IMSA is one of the first, with its version gently massaging output of the car's V10 to add 24hp (18kW), bringing the total to 584hp (435kW).

The modifications are, for the most part, tasteful and discreet, which is a difficult thing to manage with a starting platform as brash and iconic as the Gallardo. Most of what has been done to the car is under the skin, though the rear wing is replaced with a new carbon fiber unit and a set of well-filling alloy wheels with black spokes and polished lips have been added.

A new suspension setup has been fitted, to improve upon the car's already capable handling. The unspecified engine tweaks - most likely simple air flow improvements and a mild ECU tune - breathe more easily through the new exhaust system, which the maker says improves the already brilliant tone of the Italian powerplant.

No word on pricing of the package, but if you've got a Gallardo in the garage and you'd like a mild upgrade to its performance spec, IMSA may be the place to start.

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