Another rare Ford GT has come up for sale on popular Internet auction house eBay just days after a 1000hp (746kW), 235mph (376km/h) Hennessey-tuned Ford GT appeared on the site. This time, the Ford GT in question is a pre-production Ford GT that was owned by Steve Saleen, of Saleen fame. The car is one of just nine that were built, making it even rarer than its production sibling.

While the production Ford GT got its grunt from Ford's 5.4L Modular V8, the pre-production model up for sale here used the 4.6L engine from the Mustang Cobra, which was then bored out to 5.4-liters. It also used a unique supercharger system, different from the one found on the production model.

According to the seller, the car in question was the media car used for all early tests on the Ford GT, and also starred in the 'Rocky Balboa' film and the yet-to-be-released 'Fast and the Furious 4'.

The car was originally painted yellow with black stripes, but when it was presented to Steve Saleen by Ford he had it repainted in his preferred colors, white with blue stripes. Check out the eBay auction for more photos and information on the one-of-nine Saleen Ford GT.