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  • 2017 Volkswagen e-Golf

    Eleven European countries propose banning the sale of gas and diesel cars by 2040.

  • 2013 Mercedes-Benz S-Class spy shots
    Electric Mercedes-Benz S-Class Possible: Report

    Mercedes-Benz already has a number of electric prototypes out and about including the Smart ForTwo Electric Drive, which is already available for lease and soon sale, as well as the SLS AMG E-Cell supercar, which has been confirmed for sale in 2013. Not only that but the automaker’s parent...

  • Toyota Camry Hybrid
    Report: Toyota needs to spend $1 billion to comply with new Californian regulations

    With new fuel and emissions regulations coming into place across the nation, as well as more stringent requirements in California springing up, automakers will be scrambling to follow the new laws that have been set out. Even Toyota, one of the most fuel-efficient manufacturers in the industry...

  • ZPM AIRPod
    Zero Pollution Motors plans 2011 U.S. launch for 106mpg air-powered car

    While major auto manufacturers race to bring new electric and hybrid cars to market, other companies are looking at alternatives to electricity - including using air to power cars. The idea of an air-powered car is nothing new, and companies have been touting the technology for the past few years...

  • The Highlander FCHV fuel-cell vehicle concept
    Toyota could have hydrogen fuel-cell car on the road by 2014

    Honda's FCX Clarity fuel cell vehicle has grabbed lots of headlines, as has BMW's combustion-powered Hydrogen7 and Mazda's rotary RE line of vehicles, including the RX-8. But Toyota is working on a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle too, and it could be on the streets by 2014. Well, the streets of...

  • Renault Kangoo be bop ZE
    Renault unveils the Kangoo be bop ZE electric demonstrator

    The Internet is awash with electric vehicle demonstration vehicles, but few have as much oddball spark as the new Kangoo be bop ZE. Based around the standard be bop, but with zero emissions (hence the ZE) capabilities, the car is to be used as a test vehicle to show off what its EV platform can do...

  • Nissan Denki cube concept car

    It's not often that major automakers push production dates ahead in time rather than back, especially with the current economic conditions, but Nissan might be doing just that with its electric vehicle program. While earlier Nissan was claiming that its first mass-produced electric vehicle would not be reaching dealerships in the U.S. before 2012, the company now states that this date could come as early as 2010. The news comes from Nissan's director of product planning and strategy, Mark Perry, who explained to Automotive News that "if a market is ready for it" the company is open to the...

  • nissan zev prototype 003
    Nissan to show off new-generation zero-emissions vehicle in San Diego

    As the traditional car industry struggles against a lack of consumer credit, economic instability and its own growing pains, several of the major players are forging ahead with next-generation vehicle programs, including all-electric zero emissions vehicles (ZEVs). Nissan has been at the forefront...

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