• Vencer Sarthe

    Dutch supercar startup Vencer was only established in 2010 but now, just four years on, the company has unveiled its first product, the Sarthe. We first caught wind of Vencer and its Sarthe back in 2012. Back then, the company had nothing but a few computer-generated images and the promise of production in the not too distant future. Then, at the 2013 Top Marques Monaco, Vencer rolled out a pre-production prototype and started taking orders. Now, after a period of thorough testing and validation, the Sarthe has been revealed in production trim. Key changes made over the past year include...

  • Vencer Sarthe
    Vencer Sarthe Supercar Makes Debut At 2013 Top Marques Monaco

    We first caught wind of Dutch firm Vencer and its Sarthe supercar project in May of last year. Back then, the company had just a few renderings of its Sarthe and the promise of a production version in the not too distant future. At the 2013 Top Marques Monaco over the weekend, Vencer lived up to...

  • The Vencer Sarthe
    New Supercar Coming From Dutch Firm Vencer

    Concerned that there simply aren’t enough low-volume, hyper-exotic supercars on the market to choose from? Fear no longer, because your shopping list is about to grow by one, assuming that the Dutch firm Vencer puts its Sarthe into production. Named, we presume, for the Circuit de la Sarthe...

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