• 'Jurassic World' Triumph Scrambler

    With a box office take of over $1.5 billion, Jurassic World is already part of movie history. And now one of the blockbuster's vehicular stars is up for sale. British motorcycle company Triumph delivered three of its Scramblers for use on the shoot, and two of them are already spoken for. Chris Pratt—the on-screen raptor wrangler who rode the bike—took one home, and Triumph claimed the other for its company museum. The third is headed to eBay. ALSO SEE: Wire-Brush Attack Leaves McLaren P1 Unscathed: Video In the video above, Pratt admits to dumping one of the machines. Hopefully...

  • Triumph Stag
    Is BMW Planning To Resurrect The Triumph Automobile Brand?

    BMW has filed European trademark paperwork for the Triumph wreath logo, applied to automobiles plus a wide variety of consumer goods.

  • Triumph Stag
    Guilty Pleasure: Triumph Stag

    A lot of folks would be vaguely puzzled by your acquisition of an Acura Vigor, aka "The Forgotten Honda," but there's nothing like a classic British sports car to convince them that you've got a few lights out in the ol' marquee. For this series, however, there's a problem when trying to pick out...

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