Torino Design

  • Torino Design Wildtwelve concept, 2015 Parco Valentino - Salone & Gran Premio

    Italian design house Torino Design, established in 2006 by Roberto Piatti, has unveiled a new supercar concept powered by a V-12-based hybrid system. The concept is called the Wildtwelve, and it made its debut at the first-ever Parco Valentino - Salone & Gran Premio held recently in Turin, Italy. The Wildtwelve is said to be more prototype than concept, with Torino Design claiming a limited production run is possible. That’s an impressive claim considering the technology behind the concept. MUST WATCH: Koenigsegg One:1 Smashes Record For 0-300-0 KMH Run: Video Power comes from a...

  • Guangzhou and Torino Design A-HEV hybrid concept
    China's Guangzhou And Torino Design Unveil A-HEV Hybrid Concept

    China's Guangzhou Auto took the wraps off a new hybrid concept at the Guangzhou Auto Show today, showcasing the carmaker's hybrid and drive-by-wire technology. Guangzhou Auto is a Chinese joint-venture partner for Honda and Toyota and, for the latest concept vehicle, they called upon Italy's Torino...

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