China's Guangzhou Auto took the wraps off a new hybrid concept at the Guangzhou Auto Show today, showcasing the carmaker's hybrid and drive-by-wire technology. Guangzhou Auto is a Chinese joint-venture partner for Honda and Toyota and, for the latest concept vehicle, they called upon Italy's Torino Design to develop the finished product.

Called the A-HEV, the new concept was created purely as a design study which means there are no plans for production. "Guangzhou's brief was quite challenging, because they wanted a sporty and dynamic design, but not at all aggressive," Torino Design boss Giuliano Biasio told Automotive News.

The car also had to have an aerodynamic look but not sacrifice available interior space. It uses a combination of metal body panels and transparent surfaces made of polycarbonate.

This is the first vehicle from Guangzhou to wear the carmaker's new badge and is the first Torino developed vehicle for a Chinese firm other than Chery Auto.


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