• BMW augmented reality smart glasses for technicians

    BMW and Mini dealers will use new smart glasses that will allow technicians to consult with engineers to help diagnose and fix problems.

  • Volvo On Call
    Volvo trials car pickup and delivery service

    Volvo wants to expand the number of luxury services it offers. The Swedish luxury brand recently completed its first trial of a car pickup and delivery service in California, and on Wednesday Volvo announced that the pilot program will pave the way for a future valet service across the United...

  • McLaren F1 owners are given loaner engines if their original engine needs service
    McLaren offers loaner engines for F1 owners

    When you're getting your vehicle serviced, you may have to say goodbye to it for a few days. If that's the case, we hope you have the fortune of receiving a loaner vehicle from the dealership. This is your new friend for a few days, and it should be adequate enough to get you around until you're...

  • 2017 Lincoln Continental
    Lincoln wants to be at your beck and call with 'Chauffeur' service

    Lincoln is experimenting with a program to offer owners and lessees a taste of the finer things in life as it begins testing its latest service simply called "Lincoln Chauffeur." As the name implies, the program allows Lincoln drivers to become the driven with a personal driver and shopping...

  • 2013 Tesla Model S P85 service loaner vehicle [photo: David Noland]
    Tesla Model S Maintenance: Almost None Required, Actually

    The Tesla Model S battery-electric luxury sedan is a remarkable car, and it's elevated the public perception of electric cars to a new level. It's won awards, thrilled thousands of buyers, and demolished a lot of stereotypes. But among the things you may not know about Tesla is this: The Model S...

  • BMW's 'Ultimate Service - Married' video.
    BMW Uses Humor To Highlight Free Service: Video

    Buy a new BMW, and it comes with four years or 50,000 miles worth of service at no additional charge, something the Munich-based automaker calls “BMW Ultimate Service.” Unlike other “free service” programs, which cover things like oil changes and basic maintenance only, BMW...

  • Lubricheck oil condition gadget

    It is recommended that you regularly check certain areas of your car, ensuring that there are no defects potentially leading to component failures or breakdowns. You should make sure your car is in generally good condition, ensure all your lights work and that your tires are in good order as well as checking they're at the right pressure. It's also advised that you check your oil levels once a week to prevent excessive engine wear leading to eventual failure. What about the oil's condition though? A simple dipstick check will reveal the level, and if the oil has gone black or milky then...

  • Broken down car
    What's Under The Hood? 4 Million Brit Drivers Can't Tell You

    They say that cars are getting more complicated, and that home maintenance is becoming less easy to accomplish under all the plastic covers and with unfathomable electronics. Still, for four million motorists in Great Britain, dabbling in a little mechanical upkeep is the least of their problems -...

  • Cadillac grille
    Cadillac Shield Warranty And Scheduled Maintenance Program Announced

    Following on from last month’s announcement of free scheduled maintenance on 2011 Cadillac models for the first four yours or 50,000 miles, comes the announcement today of a more comprehensive program dubbed Cadillac Shield. Cadillac Shield includes the brand’s extensive warranty...

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