Royal Wedding

  • Kate Middleton's 2001 VW Golf up for sale on eBay

    If you're in the U.K. and don't have a rabid case of royal fever lingering after Kate Middleton's April wedding to Prince William, you're probably not breathing. Now you have a chance to own a piece of royal automotive history as the the potential future queen consort's 2011 VW Golf is up for auction on eBay. With 62,000 miles (or a round 100,000 km for you metric types) on the clock and a 1.4-liter gasoline engine, the Indigo Blue Golf might not warm too many hearts--until you learn that the Duchess drives a stick. Yep, her Golf, owned when she met William at St. Andrews in 2001, has a...

  • Prince William, Aston Martin DB6, Royal Wedding, 2011
    Royal Wedding: Prince William Scores With Something Old, Something New

    Who knew the royal wedding would have anything to do with cars? Well, for those who chose sweet, blessed sleep over the watching the royal wedding, you missed the Prince and his new bride driving off in a classic Aston Martin DB6 Volante. Yes, the top was down, and the plates read "JU5T WED." The...

  • Project Kahn’s Royal Wedding commemorative Maybach 57
    Project Kahn Celebrates William And Kate’s Royal Wedding With Custom Maybach 57

    There are very, very few cars in production that can lay claim to being more luxurious than a Maybach. It's one of the most luxurious and capable sedans available, and with a twin-turbocharged V-12 on board it can also be blistering quick. Little wonder then that Afzal Kahn and his eponymous...

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