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  • Traffic light

    File this one under things unlikely to become a problem, but sure as can be, it has. An Oregon man, Mats Jarlstrom, has been fined $500 by the Oregon State Board of Examiners for Engineering and Land Surveying for researching, studying, and presenting his findings on traffic light patterns. Why has Jarlstrom been studying traffic signals in the first place? According to the initial report from The New York Times, his wife was issued a ticket from a red light traffic camera in 2013. After paying the $260 violation, Jarlstrom became intrigued as to how the traffic signal operated. After working...

  • Tara Reid
    Tara Reid Still Matters

    Remember that face? It's Tara Reid, the Neve Campbell of her generation. Ah, memories. We haven't heard much from Tara lately, apart from occasional tidbits about her ongoing plastic surgery troubles and certain photos unfit for family-friendly websites like this one (but which can easily be...

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