Pedestrian Safety

  • Full Auto Brake with Pedestrian Detection  -  2011 Volvo S60

    As we move closer and closer to a future that involves fully autonomous cars, it’s becoming clear that systems developed for the self driving cars of tomorrow are making cars of today safer. Recent studies prove that technologies like collision detection, lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control and autonomous emergency braking help to reduce accidents. If an accident is unavoidable, modern in-car safety features like advanced airbags, smart seat belts and high-strength steel construction help to minimize injuries. That makes cars safer for drivers and passengers, but...

  • Toyota's heart rate monitor
    Toyota Helps Old Drivers, Pedestrians With New Safety Tech

    Your next car will almost certainly perform better than your last car, offer more features, greater comfort and more gadgets. It'll also be safer, but we've become so complacent with the safety of modern cars that we barely give it a second thought any more. Carmakers do though, and Toyota has...

  • Volvo animal avoidance system
    Volvo Avoids Animals With New Collision Detection Tech

    When you're developing cars on roads that aren't unknown to feature the odd moose around the next corner, preventing drivers colliding with wild animals is understandably quite a priority for Volvo. To this end, Volvo has been developing a system based on its Pedestrian Detection and Full Auto...

  • Mercedes Night View Assist Plus adds pedestrian spotlight
    Mercedes-Benz Adds Pedestrian Spotlight To Night View Assist

    Night time driving can be difficult even with excellent vision and good headlights--and it can be especially dangerous for pedestrians at the roadside. But Mercedes-Benz has been tackling this area of road safety aggressively for years now, today announcing the addition of a unique spotlight system...

  • Christ and the 2005 Chevrolet Monte Carlo
    Lord Jesus Christ Run Down In Massachusetts Crosswalk

    Oh Lord, you should have bought yourself that Mercedes-Benz. At least then you wouldn't have been in a Northampton crosswalk when you were run down by a 20-year-old woman driving a 2005 Chevy Monte Carlo--or you'd have been safer if you were. What, what? A man, real name: Lord Jesus Christ, was...

  • 2010 Volvo S60 Prototype
    Video: Volvo Demonstrates Pedestrian Avoidance System On 2010 S60

    The 2010 Volvo S60 will feature a system that's capable of avoiding all collisions below 15 mph, including recognizing and avoiding pedestrians.

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