• Full Auto Brake with Pedestrian Detection  -  2011 Volvo S60

    As we move closer and closer to a future that involves fully autonomous cars, it’s becoming clear that systems developed for the self driving cars of tomorrow are making cars of today safer. Recent studies prove that technologies like collision detection, lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control and autonomous emergency braking help to reduce accidents. If an accident is unavoidable, modern in-car safety features like advanced airbags, smart seat belts and high-strength steel construction help to minimize injuries. That makes cars safer for drivers and passengers, but...

  • Toyota's heart rate monitor
    Toyota Helps Old Drivers, Pedestrians With New Safety Tech

    Your next car will almost certainly perform better than your last car, offer more features, greater comfort and more gadgets. It'll also be safer, but we've become so complacent with the safety of modern cars that we barely give it a second thought any more. Carmakers do though, and Toyota has...

  • Volvo Safety Concept Car
    Volvo Safety Concept Car: 10 Years Of Car Safety Technology

    Believe it or not, the 2012 Volvo C30 hatchback is essentially a 10 year old design. Several years before the C30 hit the streets, Volvo revealed a striking concept called the Safety Concept Car (SCC) to the motoring press in 2001, previewing several new technologies that would eventually be seen...

  • Volvo animal detection safety development
    Volvo Working On Animal Detection Safety System

    We’ve all heard of pedestrian detection safety systems but now Volvo is taking the concept to the next level by developing a version that can also detect animals. The project is the latest development in Volvo’s vision for 2020, a future in which accidents no longer occur thanks to...

  • 2010 Volvo XC60
    2011 Volvo XC60 Gets Pedestrian Detection And Upgraded Infotainment System

    Crossovers are the new wagons, according to popular wisdom, but at Volvo the heritage is clearly visible. Its wagon-like crossovers in the XC line have met with great success in the U.S., together with the various wagon lines accounting for about half of the company's sales in recent years. One of...

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