Nikolai Smolenski

  • 2004 TVR Tuscan

    Could this be the end of historic sports car brand TVR as we know it? Reports out of the UK claim the owner of the struggling brand, former Russian banker Nikolai Smolensky, has given up on restarting production of TVR’s awesome line of bare-knuckle sports cars and will instead focus on building wind turbines. Speaking with Autocar, Smolensky has revealed that despite his best efforts to develop a new sports car for the TVR brand, soaring costs and high expectations from customers have made the project unviable. In order to keep TVR, and any remaining employees at the company’s...

  • TVR
    Report: New TVR ‘MD-1’ With Corvette Power Coming In 2012

    British sports car company TVR’s past is littered with drama, having almost been bankrupted on several occasions and more recently being tied up with Russian politics following a purchase by tycoon youngster Nikolai Smolenski. At one point there was even a pair of Florida businessmen linked...

  • TVR
    TVR To Return With New Roadster

    TVR, famous for building powerful and light-weight sports cars with no driver aids, may have a future despite the tumultuous years the marque has endured. Still owned by Russian oligarch Nikolai Smolenski, TVR is expected to launch several new models complete with powertrains sourced from the...

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