TVR, famous for building powerful and light-weight sports cars with no driver aids, may have a future despite the tumultuous years the marque has endured. Still owned by Russian oligarch Nikolai Smolenski, TVR is expected to launch several new models complete with powertrains sourced from the Chevrolet Corvette.

The information comes directly from Smolenski who revealed to Autocar that the new range will likely be built in Germany by independent manufacturer Gullwing. As some readers may already know, Gullwing currently builds its own AC Cobra replica.

The new TVR models are expected to be based around a roadster body, although a coupe will likely be launched further down the track. Styling-wise, expect to see some similarities to the original Tuscan. Other details include a traditional steel backbone chassis and all-independent suspension.

Expect to see a prototype version unveiled at the Moving Motor Show in Goodwood, UK this July. Further down the track there may also be a hybrid but at this point, any new TVR model will be appreciated.