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  • Mr. Norm 7.0L V8 Challenger and Cuda Convertible

    Legendary Dodge dealer and tuner Mr. Norm has already shown off its 'Super' Challenger and Cuda models earlier this year, but now the firm is back with some new Dodge Challengers and Cuda models on offer. Titled the 2009 426 Hemi Challenger and 426 Hemi Cuda Convertible, both vehicles are based on the 2009 Dodge Challenger SRT-8 but have been modified to echo the styling and performance of the original Mr. Norm muscle cars from the past. In the performance department, Mr. Norm’s 426 Hemi Challenger and Cuda Convertible have both had their engines equipped with a new reciprocating...

  • mr norms super challenger and cuda 020
    Mr. Norm 'Super' Challenger and Cuda enter production

    One of the highlights of last year’s SEMA Auto Show was the seriously upgraded Super Challenger modified by legendary Dodge dealer and tuner Mr. Norm. The outfit’s latest addition to its long-running ‘Super’ line of cars is based around the new Dodge Challenger, more...

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