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  • Falcon F7 supercar

    We first brought you details on the Falcon F7 supercar a year ago but now the company behind it, America’s own Falcon Motorsports, has unveiled a new concept version at a special presentation in Detroit. Falcon claims that its latest concept shows the look of the production F7 supercar due out later this year. Falcon Motorsports, as some readers may recognize, is a company located in Michigan that specializes in building bodykits and other modifications for the Dodge Viper. Now the firm has used its talents to build its own supercar, which will be priced around $225,000 and sell in...

  • Mach7 Motorsports Falcon supercar
    America’s Mach7 Motorsports Presents Falcon Supercar

    While it’s not uncommon to see a brand new supercar concept from an unknown startup, it’s not often that the supercar in question is a homegrown creation. Of course, America’s supercar scene is far from lacking, with cars like the SSC Ultimate Aero and Saleen S7 continuing to draw...

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