• 2010 Subaru Legacy Touring

    The fifth-generation Legacy (Liberty) and Outback were recently unveiled and to coincide with the car’s launch in Japan Subaru has added the new Touring wagon and sporty B4 to the range. Before you get all excited, the latest iteration of the B4 name only applies to a sports package in this case, not a high-performance twin-turbo model as in the past. As expected the new Touring model carries over the same controversial styling found on the sedan variant. Along with this styling, the Touring also adopts the same engine lineup as its sedan sibling, which means the base engine is a 2.5L...

  • 2010 Subaru Legacy (Liberty)
    Subaru reveals pricing for 2010 Legacy (Liberty)

    Subaru is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its Legacy (Liberty) sedan with the unveiling of the all-new fifth-generation model this year. Subaru is renowned for its love-or-loathe approach to designing cars, as seen in the frequent revisions to its Impreza line over the years, but the styling of...

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