• Lilium Jet VTOL concept

    Frank Stephenson shocked many when he stepped down from the lead design role at McLaren in early 2017. It turned out he wanted to apply his design skills in an entirely new segment: flying taxis. The renowned designer, responsible for cars like the McLaren P1 and 650S (and in earlier roles the first generation of the modern Mini, the first BMW X5, the Maserati MC12, and Ferrari 430), in April was confirmed as the design chief for Lilium. The German startup is working on an electric vehicle capable of vertical take-off and landing (VTOL). The idea is that a fleet of the low-flying craft would...

  • Lilium Jet VTOL concept
    Lilium flying taxi company secures $90M in funding

    German flying taxi company Lilium is determined to reinvent the way humans are transported. To help it take flight, the company announced it has secured $90 million in new funding. The $90 million figure is much higher than its first round of funding, which raised $10 million, according to Tech...

  • Lilium Jet VTOL concept
    Lilium flying taxi completes successful maiden test flight

    While the practical challenges to a flying car are countless, there are numerous startups attempting to be the first in the world to sell one to the public. Most are essentially small planes that can fold their wings and drive around like a regular car, while some feature more creative designs and...

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