• G-Power BMW X5 Typhoon

    German tuner G-Power is known for its lack of restraint when it comes to modifying BMWs – the firm’s modified M5 currently holds the title of the world's fastest street-legal sedan. Now, G-Power has turned its focus to another BMW stablemate, the X5 SUV. Known as the Typhoon, the modified BMW X5 has had a number of both aerodynamic and mechanical upgrades installed to make it match the other G-Power creations we've seen over the years. On the aerodynamic front, new fender flares and strikingly styled aprons and spoilers feature at the front and back. The curved fender flares on...

  • G-Power Hurricane BMW M5 RS
    New images for G-Power’s title holder of 'World's Fastest Street-Legal Sedan'

    The gloves are off in the battle to produce the world's fastest street-legal sedan, and the competition is getting hotter as German tuning giants Brabus and G-Power practice a game of one-upmanship. First, G-Power unveiled its 225mph (360km/h) Hurricane M5, based on the BMW M5. That car used a pair...

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