Honda-Mazda B-Spec Racing Series

  • B-Spec racers in formation for first group test

    Last fall we told you about the SCCA’s new B-Spec series, designed to be an affordable gateway into the world of SCCA racing. Cars for the series are purpose-built and include the Kia Rio, the MINI Cooper, the Mazda2, the Ford Fiesta, the Honda Fit and the Fiat 500. By series rules, each car must run the same brand and model of tire, and it’s likely that winners will be required to add ballast for future races, to ensure an even playing field. The results of the very first B-Spec race are in, and as Autoguide points out, Fiat can claim its first North American manufacturer’s...

  • Ford Fiesta B-Spec race car at SEMA 2011
    Ford Fiesta B-Spec Race Car: 2011 SEMA Live Photos

    The B-Spec field continues to flesh out, now with live images of Ford's entry into the compact racing series. We have live images of the car from the 2011 SEMA show, just weeks after it finished its first official group test with other B-Spec racers. Those other B-Spec racers include the Honda Fit...

  • B-Spec racers in formation for first group test
    B-Spec Race Cars Complete First Group Test

    When you think of the Honda Fit, Fiat 500, Mazda2, or Ford Fiesta, your first thought probably isn't, "hey, that'd make a great road racing car!" That's exactly what the new B-Spec class hopes you'll think, however, and seeing these pint-sized racers all together, it might just happen. Last week...

  • Mazda2 and Honda Fit B-Spec prototype cars
    Honda, Mazda Join Forces For 'Affordable' B-Spec Race Series

    The classic statement of the price of road racing: "How do you make a small fortune in racing? Start with a large one." The truth of that statement is what has given it such legs, but Mazda and Honda hope to overcome the high hurdle to entry-level road racing with their newly-formed B-Spec series...

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