Divergent 3D

  • Divergent Blade at Jay Leno’s Garage

    It was in 2015 that we first learned of Divergent 3D and its 3D-printed supercar, the Blade. Although strictly a technology demonstrator, the 700-horsepower, tandem two-seater is fascinating in that it uses a new approach to manufacturing that could revolutionize the ways cars are built. The Divergent Blade recently showed up at Jay Leno’s Garage along with Kevin Czinger, CEO and founder of Divergent 3D, to explain all its intricacies. Instead of a unibody structure most cars of today rely on, the Blade features an internal structure made of 3D-printed sections fused together using a...

  • Divergent Dagger concept, 2016 Los Angeles auto show
    Divergent Dagger is your 3D-printed superbike

    Divergent is a company that has big plans for the world of 3D printing. This is a company that has already created a number of parts for what it's calling the first 3D-printed supercar; the DM Blade. Divergent also creates 3D-printed metal parts that could find use in a number of automobiles; names...

  • Divergent 3D-printed metal parts
    America’s Divergent helping bring 3D-printed metal parts to cars

    Divergent 3D, the company that in 2015 unveiled what it claimed to be a 3D-printed supercar, has partnered with French auto giant PSA Group to introduce 3D-printed metal components in mass-produced cars. Divergent is a startup based in Los Angeles that has developed a proprietary...

  • DM Blade
    DM Blade lays claim to being first 3D-printed supercar

    You may remember that Local Motors recently went out and created a 3D-printed car. Over the course of 44 hours, the Local Motors printer whirred and processed and then spat out a nearly complete vehicle. Components necessary for movement were then added in, and this included bits like the...

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