Blast From The Past

  • Blast from the past: Mercedes-Benz C111

    At the 1969 Frankfurt Motor Show Mercedes released a radical new concept to the world called the C111, a prototype that would go on to become a test-bed for the carmaker’s future engine technologies. Styled like a big sports coupe, the C111 featured gullwing doors and a bright orange paint-scheme internally known as 'weissherbst.’ Many had hoped the C111 would be a replacement for the iconic 300SL, but sadly that was not to be. The coupe featured many new innovations such as the use of light fiberglass bodywork and the bonding of this to a steel frame. It also featured a very...

  • Hyundai Pony Coupe concept
    Blast from the past: Hyundai's Italian-designed, Japanese-powered, and British-engineered Pony

    In 1967, brothers Ju-Yung and Se-Yung Chung established the Hyundai Motor Company. The next year they entered into a contract with Ford to produce the Cortina and Granada for the Korean market. With the knowledge gained from this venture, Hyundai's dream of creating its first independently designed...

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