• Bitter Shooting Brake

    Bitter is a German tuner of Opel cars that made its mark on the world in the 1970s when it produced a shooting brake called the CD. The car was based on an Opel sedan and came with a Chevrolet V-8, and it had the full blessing of General Motors, which owned Opel at the time. In fact, legendary GM designer Charles M. "Chuck" Jordan did some of the preliminary work. Bitter fell into obscurity by the 1980s but the lack of limelight didn't stop the company from continuing to churn out modified Opels, as well as some other novelties. More recently, Bitter has developed custom versions of the Opel...

  • 2014 Bitter Adam - Image via Motor Talk
    Bitter not dead, rolls out new model based on Opel Adam

    Germany’s Bitter, still headed by founder Erich Bitter, has rolled out its latest model, the Bitter Adam based on the Opel Adam minicar. For those unfamiliar with Bitter, it's a small firm specializing in luxury and sporty cars, and has been in the business for just over four decades...

  • 2007 Bitter Vero
    Germany’s Bitter Planning New Corvette-Based Sports Car: Report

    For those that have never heard of Bitter, it's a small German firm specializing in luxury and sporty cars and has been in the business for just over four decades. Established in 1971 by Erich Bitter, a former race car driver who eventually started a tuning business and then went into car...

  • Bitter Vero
    Germany’s Bitter Planning To Expand Lineup With Affordable Roadster

    Small-scale German manufacturer Bitter is known for making its own breed of custom cars based on vehicles from the General Motors Company [NYSE:GM] stable. The company made a comeback last year with the release of the Vero saloon, which is based on the Aussie-made Holden Statesman and is sold in...

  • Bitter building limo based on Holden Statesman
    Bitter Building Limo Based On Holden Statesman

    German automotive outfit Bitter Cars will be making a comeback with a new limousine based on the Holden-sourced Statesman, which it will showcase at this year’s Frankfurt International Auto Show. Bitter has a long history of building cars based on models from Opel, but this time looked...

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